Windows 10 Updates Cause Nasty Blue Screen Of Death And More

آذر, 1400 بدون نظر Windows Errors

I was thinking about booting into dos and just taking everything off, but even this makes me a little nervous. A polymorphic virus slightly changes its own source code each time it copies itself to avoid detection from antivirus software. It is a real tragedy to lose both computer and data at the same time. There is always the danger of burglars breaking in to your home and stealing electronic devices.

In Device Manager window, you can expand Disk drives and check the status of the external hard drive. If you see a yellow or red mark next to the drive, then it means it has a driver issue. Many users may cause a system error while trying to boost their system’s performance. They can do it by modifying the system registry settings or relocating system files, or editing their properties. As most people don’t know much about system components, they may follow wrong guides or perform wrong actions. Some of such steps can damage the system or the hardware of the computer. In this article, we will describe why the error “Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem” appears and how to fix it.

  • In general though, if you see a virus alert that does not come from anti virus software you installed on your Computer, it is probably fake.
  • There can be a handful of reasons why you may be experiencing blue screen of death and these instructions may not handle your specific issue.
  • Right-click the device and select Update Driver Software.

To repair the bad sectors using the inbuilt tools might be the most effective way to deal with bad sectors on hard drives. To recover lost data due to disk errors or corruptions, you can try a free data recovery program – MiniTool Power Data Recovery.


Here’s a guide to both protecting against hard disk failure, and emergency recovery if hard disk problems have caught you off guard. Basically, the magnetic media that resides on the platters breaks down as time goes by. This is simply a sign of aging hardware, so there’s nothing you can do to prevent this. In fact, all new hard drives have defective or carry bad sectors. A hard drive crash is a complicated problem, but we can easily define it as a breakdown of the hard disk when it cannot function properly, resulting in data loss or inability to access information. A hard drive will beep if something is preventing the platters from spinning.

The Causes Of Hard Disk Failure

According to the information that I collected from users on Microsoft Community, after disabling the webcam from the Device Manager, the error is fixed. Therefore, if you have a webcam connected to your computer, probably you should try to do the same. Once it completes and reached 100%, you can close the Command Prompt window and reboot your Windows 10 PC. Then verify again whether the System Service windows 7 error 0xC0000374 Exception is gone or persists. The priority is to find out why it occurs and then we will use an appropriate solution to troubleshoot. Imagine if you are creating a critical PowerPoint document for tomorrow, and it’s almost done. Suddenly, something goes wrong with the system and System Service Exception BSOD occurs while the AutoSave feature is off.

You can easily resolve the error and stop it from happening again. Try the troubleshooting steps highlighted below, and let us know which step fixes the error. If you just use the chkdsk command by itself, it will scan your drive in read-only mode, reporting errors but not attempting to repair them. For this reason, it can usually run without having to restart your PC. A File system error is commonly caused by corrupt files and mismatched system files. Viruses can also cause this error as well as applications that have issues from running correctly.

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